Channapatna wooden toys for 1 to 2 year olds

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During the second year most children reach certain developmental milestones. In physical development, a child usually can stand on tiptoe, kick a ball, start to run, climb onto and down from furniture unaided, make straight lines and circles. In terms of language abilities, she knows names of familiar people and body parts, speaks sentences with 2 to 4 words and can follow simple instructions. Toddlers also should be able to find things hidden under covers, begins to sort shapes and colors, plays simple make-believe games, build towers from blocks, complete sentences and rhymes in familiar books and name items in a picture book such as a cat, bird, or dog.
Maya Organic toys for toddlers 1 to 2 years old are designed to help in development of language skills, assist in cognitive learning such as problem solving and physical development like kicking a ball.

Maya Organic offers a wide range of eco-friendly, wooden toys for children 1 to 2 years old

• Bibbo is a clown comprising of 8 stackable pieces. Bibbo is a good company for children and helps them refine their hand-eye co-ordination.
• Bobblers’ is a wooden pull toy. Watch them race along with their heads bobbing up and down as you pull the toy. Improves gross motor co-ordination skills.
• Chip Chop is a wooden build and play push toy containing four brightly colored stacking parts. Chip Chop refines the child’s eye-hand coordination, motor skills and also prompts understanding of sequencing.
• Duby & Duba is a wooden pull toy consisting of a pair of ducks. Children love the paddling movement of the ducks. An ideal walking companion for toddlers and older children.
• Engine is a wooden stacker and push toy. The body is made up of five large pieces that are easy to hold for children. This toy helps refine the child’s eye – hand coordination and is an excellent play-toy for children right through their crawling and walking stages.
• Hee-Haw is a wooden build and play toy containing three brightly coloured stacking parts. Hee-Haw refines the child’s eye-hand coordination and also builds their motor co-ordination skills . This educational toy helps children feel and understand shapes and order .
• Ma Me Pa is a train of mama, baby and papa turtles. This wooden pull toy fascinates children and adults alike for its unique rotating shells.
• Pom Pom Rail is a wooden pull toy with one engine and two wagons. It helps in the development of child’s gross motor coordination skills.
• Rumbellory is a wooden push toy with rolling logs. The logs can be removed and stacked.
• Spinno is a wooden helicopter pull toy with a rotating fan. Children will love to watch the fan rotate as they pull Spinno.