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What distinguishes an educational aid / educational toy from other toys?

An educational toy should encourage a child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development and teach specific skills or subjects, such as arithmetic, science or a language.

How can you choose an educational toy for your child?
Examine what a child can learn, the skills she will develop while experiencing the toy. Ask whether it encourages creative thinking, are there are different ways she can interact with the toy, and will it sustain her interest and grow with her.

Here are some ways Maya Organic Educational Toys educate your child :

• ‘Wooden Stairs’ toy exposes the child through sight and touch to sequentially varying dimensions. The child will hone motor skills, co-ordination of movement and learn the concept of order, awareness of dimension
• Stitching Board encourages children to build concentration to complete every task with patience.
• Spindle Box reinforces the child’s understanding of number names (0 to 9), numerals and quantities.
• Sandy Alphabets helps the child associate the sounds of speech with their written symbols. It develops visual and tactile perception of English letters
• Peg Board helps to learn counting while making the patterns. In older children, helps learn basic math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc.
• Cards and Counters has been created to help children with counting and associating the correct number of objects (quantity) with the numerals, to reinforce the child’s knowledge of the sequence of numbers, and to introduce the concept of odd and even.
• Lacing Beads builds and improves finger dexterity skills and fine motor skills. It aids in color / number grouping.

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