Peg Board

Peg Board
  • peg-board - 50 pegs in five colors, a base board and pattern cards. Wooden Educational Toy

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  • To understand the pattern printed on the card and create the same on the Peg Board.
  • To develop the child?s sense of space, direction and orientation.
  • To learn counting while making the patterns.
  • To learn basic math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. (for older children)
  • IMPORTANT: This is not an exact replica of the Standard Montessori Edutaional aids
Packaged Box Size : 225 x 140 x 35 (mm)
Age : 3.5 Years +

Product Description

Consists of 50 pegs in five colours, a base board and pattern cards. Peg board is a versatile tool to teach children counting, addition, subtraction and other mathematical operations. Peg board helps the child understand basic geometrical concepts such as shape, size and orientation. The pegs are made using traditional lacware handicraft technique and are coloured using natural dyes. The base board is made of synthetic material. Age: 3 yrs + buy-button-amazon

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