Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi
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  • Handicraft product coloured with natural dyes
  • Toy Safety: Certified as per International Toy safety Standards
  • Fair Trade product made by Maya Organic member artisans from Channapatna in Karnataka, India
Packaged Box Size : 225 x 105 x 115 (mm)
Age : 12+ Years
Finish : Natural dyes and lac Finish
Certification : CEASTM

Product Description

This is a wooden Pyramid Puzzle,consisting of six disks arranged like a tower with the smallest ring at the top and the biggest ring at the bottom. The task is to transfer all the six disks from one of the three poles to another, with one important rule that you can move only one disk at a time and a large disk can never be placed on top of a smaller one. The minimum number of moves for this puzzle ( tower of six disks) is Sixty Three. This handicraft product is manufactured using traditional lacware technique and is coloured in natural dyes

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