Knobless Cylinders

Knobless Cylinders
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  • By using these cylinders the child acquires a stereognostic sense i.e. the ability to recognise objects by the sense of touch.
  • Exposes the child through sight and touch to sequentially varying dimensions.
  • This awareness of dimension leads to an abstract understanding of size and therefore to an intelligent observation of size in the environment.
  • The child is encouraged to see with their hands and minds. Also, it is an experience towards three dimensional objects/figures.
  • If the child is introduced to a picture on a paper, it cannot be touched and felt as an object, as it is only a two dimensional figure. Whereas in 3 dimensional objects the child can feel the length, breadth and height.
Packaged Box Size : 245 x 230 x 60 (mm)
Age : 3 Years +

Product Description

The Knobless Cylinders as a product has been created to help children in acquiring stereognostic sense buy-button-amazon

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