Wooden Stairs

Wooden Stairs
  • channapatna toys, wooden toys, stitching board, mayaorganic
    channapatna toys, wooden toys, stitching board, mayaorganic

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  • Exposes the child through sight and touch to sequentially varying dimensions.
  • This awareness of dimension leads to an abstract understanding of size and therefore to an intelligent observation of size in the environment.
  • The child will hone motor skills, co-ordination of movement and learn the concept of order.
  • Wooden Stairs can also be used wearing a blindfold to heighten the child's stereognostic sense i.e. the ability to recognise objects by using the sense of touch.
  • IMPORTANT: This is not an exact replica of the Standard Montessori Edutaional aids
Packaged Box Size : 220 x 160 x 70 (mm)
Age : 2.5 Years +

Product Description

The Wooden Stairs as a product have been created to help children with sight and touch

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