Student Visit from RV College of Architecture, Bangalore

Student Visit from RV College of Architecture, Bangalore

In the last week of September, students from RV College of Architecture, Bangalore, visited Maya Organic Toy manufacturing facility to see how wooden toys are made using channapatna handicraft technique.

It is amazing to see how a little piece of wood is turned and shaped on the lathe into a toy. It is even more fascinating to watch the artisans apply lac and colour the wood on the lathe itself. Undoubtedly, for the first time visitor it is nothing less than magic. From start to finish everything is done on the lathe. Some of the students actually tried their hand on the lathe. We are sure all the students enjoyed their visit and hope this exposure visit has been an enriching experience for them.


Ramu demonstrating the lacturnery process to the students.



Students watch the wood turning process and wait for their turn to try it themselves.


Nasirulla assists a student while she is trying her hand on the lathe.



The first step is to turn the wood piece into a round wooden blank for further shaping. Ramu watches as one of the students tries to turn a round wooden blank.



Shaping the wood requires another tool. Another student is attempting to create a round edge.



Looks like she has decided on creating a shape…



A little more work …  and she has almost completed it.



Wow!  She is applying lac to the wood and is attempting to add colour to her creation…