Workshop on Fair Trade at Maya Organic

Workshop on Fair Trade at Maya Organic

Date : 17th May 2014,   Time : 11.30am to 2 pm
Venue: MAYA ORGANIC,   Channapatna



At Maya Organic we celebrated the World Fair Trade Day by organizing a workshop on Fair Trade for all our artisans. The Objective of the workshop was to create basic awareness about Fair Trade and its principles among all the artisans and artisan groups associated with MAYA ORGANIC in Channapatna. About 60 people attended this two and a half hour workshop.Mr. Pradeep Krishnappa, Vice President, Fair Trade Forum- India and Mr. Neil Bryan from The ANTS FAIR TRADE INDIA shop, Bangalore were invited as guests and also as resource personnel for this event.

Mr. Neil explained to the participants about the concept of Fair Trade and its importance and how it helps the manufacturer/end artisan and the buyer. He explained the status of the emerging Fair trade market in different countries like US, Europe, UK and other parts of the world while providing information on the major Fair Trade products being exported to different countries from India like Coffee, Sugar, Handicraft products etc. A short video document that explains how a fair trade business ensures better benefits to the manufacturer/end artisan as compared to a non-fair trade business was screened.


Mr. Pradeep talked about the role of World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and Fair Trade Forum –India (FTF-I) in promoting fair trade. He gave a brief history of FTF-I and its objectives and activities and explained that there are 114 member organizations in FTFI out of which 35% are lead by women. According to him there are about 2 lakh artisans who are getting benefited through FTF-I and nearly 60% to 70% of them are women.



Mr. Pradeep explained to the participants the 10 Fair Trade Principles by providing different examples. He spoke about the benefits both manufacturer /primary producer and consumer will get through Fair trade. He also explained about the different stakeholders who are responsible for promoting Fair Trade and its Practices at different levels of operation – FTFI, the member organizations, the primary producer groups like Enterprises and SHGs and the end primary producers/ artisans are all responsible to promote and practice Fair Trade each at their own level.

Another short video was screened to show how Fair Trade produce is manufactured and sold and how it benefited both the primary producer and the consumer.

There was an interactive session at the end of the workshop and the participants were asked what they observed in the videos and how it connected with what they understood about Fair Trade. The workshop was concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Anil from Maya organic.



On the whole the workshop was very useful and helped the artisans and all the participants in understanding the concept of Fair Trade and the Fair Trade principles.